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At the end of the day I just want to write and so I will

In the world of website management and digital marketing the most important thing is growth. How many people can I get to my website in one month? How can I increase the traffic to my website? I know the answers to these questions however they do not lead to a place I want to go with a hobby of mine.

Free Character Template for Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

It can be a little challenging, when coming up with characters for your new fantasy or science fiction book, to know where to begin. That’s why I’ve put together this simple, minimalist character template for writing fantasy to help you start straight away with the basics. I find that I can get bogged down with

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The Depressive Void of the First Draft

There is something you should never do straight after writing a draft and that’s read it. I had never followed this rule before because it never bothered me when I thought it was bad…This book, however, I care about a lot. And it’s terrible.

How to Create Realistic and Interesting Characters for Your Stories

Imagine you are your character. I will be Li, a 25(ish) year-old woman, currently living in Wolverhampton, England. Creating this base for your character is important. She has a name, age, and general setting. These are the three first things to base everything else about your character and your story on. The character’s name gives

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