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At the end of the day I just want to write and so I will

In the world of website management and digital marketing the most important thing is growth. How many people can I get to my website in one month? How can I increase the traffic to my website? I know the answers to these questions however they do not lead to a place I want to go with a hobby of mine.

The Joy of Creating a Fantasy World

As with many who read fantasy books, I have always wanted to create my own secondary world. I’ve read books by J. R. R. Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, George R. R. Martin, Trudi Canavan, Ursula K. Le Guin… (the list goes on) and those books have shaped the periods of my life in which they dominated.

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The Depressive Void of the First Draft

There is something you should never do straight after writing a draft and that’s read it. I had never followed this rule before because it never bothered me when I thought it was bad…This book, however, I care about a lot. And it’s terrible.

How to Create Realistic and Interesting Characters for Your Stories

Imagine you are your character. I will be Li, a 25(ish) year-old woman, currently living in Wolverhampton, England. Creating this base for your character is important. She has a name, age, and general setting. These are the three first things to base everything else about your character and your story on. The character’s name gives

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Writing is Hard: Some Thoughts on Writing to Appease

Writing is hard. Or can be. Even beginning this blog post is difficult, but for someone else it might have been easy. That would have defeated the point in writing it in the first place, though. I have always been a constant writer; that is to say that I constantly have something I am writing.

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You Could Write a Novel This Summer: Motivation for Writing

It’s true; actually, you could finish a first draft of a novel in two months (with a few days off), so technically you could write a novel before the summer holidays even begin. This is something I remind myself of every time I think, I’ll do 1000 words tomorrow; take today off. But if I do

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How to Condense Story Ideas for Novels

Sometimes, the problem with creating a story is that it can get out of control. The simple idea you had to begin with is now a huge, complex story that is over 300k words. I was asked in the comments of my post How to Develop a Plot into an Entire Novel, if there was a

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How to Develop a Plot into an Entire Novel

When you have an idea for a story, it can be a little tricky bulking it out enough to fill a novel. The first thing you need to think is: Is this actually a novel-length idea? You could write a short story or novella as the story might not need 30-100 thousand words. If you

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How to Set out a Writing Schedule

I know that a lot of writers really do not like having their writing organised. Some days they will write from 1000-5000 words and other days maybe 0-30 words. This can work for some writers, and that’s good, but if I try to write like that I often stop writing for a week, or several

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