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The Wind Singer by William Nicholson: Book Review

In the city of Aramanth, the mantra is, “Better today than yesterday. Better tomorrow than today.” Harder work means the citizens of Aramanth can keep moving forward to improved life stations–from Gray tenements and Orange apartments, upwards to glorious mansions of White. Only some families, like the Haths, believe more in ideas and dreams than

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Slaves of the Mastery by William Nicholson: Book Review

Written with the same passion and cinematic scope as the first book in the series, ‘Slaves of the Mastery’ picks up the story of siblings Kestrel and Bowman five years on from the closing chapter of ‘The Wind Singer’. The city of Aramanth has become a kinder place, but in becoming kinder it has also

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Firesong by William Nicholson: Book Review

The story picks up with the flight of the Hath family, and their crew of other willing Manth families and friends, away from the ruined Mastery. After the defeat of the Master, alone and displaced, they seek a new homeland but have no real destination and very little food. Ira Hath leads the way, prophesising

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