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Ranking the Cosmere Books

I have read all of the main cosmere books, so they are the ones that I’m listing below. This ranking is based purely on my enjoyment of the book, rather than looking at the individual books in a literary sense – but of course those opinions often overlap! Although I have ranked these books in

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Cosmere Reading Order – Where to Start Reading Brandon Sanderson

New readers of Sanderson, however, might be feeling a little overwhelmed. There are, after all, around 20 books and several series, all intermingling in one way or another. You don’t want to spoil any surprised by reading them in the wrong order, but you also don’t want to read a book that just has way to much going on and you put it down, never to read a Sanderson book ever again.

Why You Should Read Mistborn Era 2, The Alloy Era

I recently finished reading The Bands of Mourning which is the third book in Mistborn Era 2. This is something I was not sure I would do when I finished The Alloy of Law (Alloy Era #1). The first book in this series bored me. I was high on the incredible ending of the Mistborn

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