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My Favourite Book Covers (Fantasy Books)

Like most readers, I do my best not to judge a book by its cover. I do, however, like to judge covers in their own right. I thought it would be a bit of fun to look through my fantasy book collection and see which covers were my favourite. This list is in no particular

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Lord of the Rings on Prime – What We Know So Far

Being early in planning and pre-production, much of what will happen in the upcoming Lord of the Rings series by Amazon Prime is unknown, but here is a list of what we know about the show so far. Amazon has bought the rights for 5 seasons. I will go into more detail on how they

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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien: A Review

Frodo Baggins is a Hobbit from the Shire. His uncle, Bilbo, has a ring from one of his adventures with the dwarves from way before Frodo was even born. This ring is dangerous, and powerful people are after it. This collection of Tolkien’s three ‘Lord of the Rings’ novels throws us into the tale of

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