Reading Order for Trudi Canavan’s Fantasy Books (2021)

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There is not always only one way to read a fantasy series, or in this case, a collection of trilogies and series. This reading order for Trudi Canavan’s fantasy books, therefore, is subjective.

I have, however, reread most of the following books more times than I can remember over many years. All my reviews can also attest to the fact that they are some of my favourite fantasy stories of all time.

1. The Black Magician Trilogy

This trilogy, I believe, is what Trudi Canavan is best known for. There is also a prequel novel however that should certainly be read after finishing the main trilogy because of spoilers.

The books in order include:

The Magician’s Guild (#1)
The Novice (#2)
The High Lord (3)
The Magician’s Apprentice (0.5)

These are a fantastic introduction to the author’s writing style as well as the world and some of the characters that appear in a sequel trilogy.

The Black Magician Trilogy is definitely the place to begin. Read my reviews for more detailed thoughts on the books individually, however just know that they are absolutely amazing and I recommend them to everyone!

2. The Traitor Spy Trilogy

Arguably, this trilogy could be swapped in this reading order for Trudi Canavan’s fantasy books, but for now I think I’d recommend reading it second.

The Traitor Spy Trilogy is a sequel series set a couple of decades after The Black Magician. Not much more can be said, therefore, as I might get into spoilers.

The entries include:

The Ambassador’s Mission (#1)
The Rogue (#2)
The Traitor Queen (#3)

Many sequels fall flat of the original/s, however The Traitor Spy does not. It adds a huge amount to the lore, history and even characterisation of the series.

It is second on this list as sometimes it’s good to continue reading fantasy in a world you know. Being already accustomed to the setting, it can be great to dive right back in and enjoy more if what you know.

3. The Age of Five Trilogy

I have previously written about Why You Should Read The Age of Five, and that’s because it’s by far one of my favourite fantasy series of all time.

This is the series that got me into reading big fantasy books when I was 10 or 11 years-old. It is full of magic, vivid settings, powerful and complex characters and political intrigue.

The books are:

Priestess of the White (#1)
Last of the Wilds (#2)
Voice of the Gods (#3)

You can read The Age of Five first or even second in this reading order for Trudi Canavan’s fantasy books if you want. The main reason I have listed it as third is because the previous two mentioned have more books so there is more world to explore.

4. Millennium’s Rule

I have only read the first book in this series. That is why it is last on this reading order for Trudi Canavan’s fantasy books.

Thief’s Magic was a fantastic read and I’m looking forward to getting back to the series. I am just waiting for them all to be out and I’ll binge them in a couple of weeks or something!

The books right now include:

Thief’s Magic (#1)
Angel of Storms (#2)
Successor’s Promise (#3)
Maker’s Curse (#4)

I hope you found this reading order for Trudi Canavan’s fantasy books useful. Dive into any of these books and I promise that you will be blown away by how good that are!

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