Why You Should Own Fewer Clothes | Minimalism #2

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When beginning minimalism, many people start in their wardrobes and drawers. It makes sense. Many of us have over 4 pairs of shoes but only wear one or two regularly. The number of dresses, shirts, trousers, and jumpers we own compared the amount we actually wear more than once a year is huge.

So, the first step to minimalism is decluttering (as I stated in my A Beginner’s Guide to Minimalism post). But why is this important?

Spend More Time on the Important Things

I own several t-shirts and a two pairs of jeans. That’s all I wear, every day. All of my t-shirts are plain, similar colours, and the same style. I have a pair of grey jeans and one blue pair.

Having such a small pool in which to pick clothes to wear in the morning takes away the choosing altogether. I find that I am able to just to take the next t-shirt from the pile and slip it on. I often don’t think about it.

There is a freedom that comes with not having to pick what clothes to wear. if I had t-shirts of varying colours and sizes, I would have to think about which ones to wear. Which one goes with my trousers? Which one is the more comfortable style?

It might not sound like much, but the removal of that decision in the morning allows me to just get on with my life. It’s the only minor change that I can think of that has such a large effect on the way I think and feel.


Minimalism is often linked to environmentalism, and for good reason. We not only need to live a simple life for ourselves, we need to live a simple life so that the world around us might survive.

If you only have one set of clothes, you are never in the shops looking for the newest thing. Fast fashion is destroying our planet, and it’s so unnecessary!

I could go into a rant about the fashion industry that promotes this reckless abuse of our planet, but instead I will say this one thing:

All you need is one, maybe two, outfits. That is it. The newest craze is worthless tomorrow, so focus on what’s really important. Focus on living a life that means more than expensive labels and the destruction of our planet.

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