Enjoy the Little Things


Rule #32 in the Zombieland rulebook: Enjoy the Little Things. It’s a silly film, but rule #32 has been following me around a lot lately.

Day 5 of my 30-day journaling challenge lead to me writing this entry:

“it’s time, I think, for my old man inside to take a back seat sometimes, so that I can go out and enjoy things like the Manchester Christmas Market, so I can enjoy the little things…I want to go out and have more days like that.”

Journaling for a Week – What I Have Learnt

It struck me as I was writing this, that enjoying the small moments and making the most of them is a huge part of our lives. Christmas day is one out of 365 days (366 next year!), so making the most of it is important. If we spend Christmas day stuffed up in our rooms instead of socialising with our family, isn’t that a wasted opportunity to enjoy ourselves?

There is a part of me that is, and will always be, an introvert. I thrive on time spent by myself. I’m a writer, so this has benefited me. Yes, I make time to see friends and family but not as often as others might. It just isn’t something that crosses my mind very much.

I have named this introvert ‘The Old Man.’ When I’m introverted and decide not to reply to a message from friends or family for a while, other people probably see a grumpy, mopy old man – I’ll go with it!

But life is short, and there are so few opportunities to see friends, to go for meals and spend time with family members, to walk around a Christmas Market and experience all of these wonderful things. I have my opinions on consumerism, but the time I spent in Manchester the other weekend was wonderful. I really enjoyed myself, and I wouldn’t have if I’d decided to stay inside instead.

I need to take the time to enjoy the little things. I need to connect with the world outside of my office space.

I will always enjoy time spent on my own or with my partner, and I will often prioritise those moments, but when the opportunity arises to do something that requires leaving the house, I’m going to try and take it. I’m going to strive to enjoy the little things.

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