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In our busy lives it can be difficult to find the time to pick up a book and read. When I was studying for my BA at university, I struggled with this. I had books to read for my course and assignments to complete. I had research to do and lectures to go to. I wanted to find the time to read books for myself, for my own enjoyment.

Here are a few ways that can help you fit reading into your everyday life:


This one is talked about a lot. Recently, I have seen so many people talk about their love for audiobooks online.

I have tried them myself and they don’t work for me, but many people find that being able to listen to books in their headphones or out of speakers gives them a lot more opportunity for reading books.

You could be washing the dishes, cleaning out your hamster, going for a walk, shopping, anything at all! In all of these cases you could be listening to an audiobook.

I am an Audible affiliate so if you would like to sign up for a month’s trial, I get a little commission if you click this link. Thank you.


You probably already know about kindles and ebooks but here is something you might not have thought about: reading at night.

So, my partner goes to sleep before me. They often fall asleep about an hour before I do, so that gives me one hour a day when I can read. I don’t, however, want to disturb their sleep by leaving bed to read in the living room and then come in an hour later. The solution? The kindle phone app.

I hate reading on a screen. The light is often harsh and doing so during the day is not very comfortable. There is the option of lowering the kindle screen brightness in the app though, so it’s both more comfortable for your eyes and you won’t be lighting up the room someone else is trying to sleep in!

The amount of books I have read this way is uncountable, and if I had not done it, then I might only have read a quatre of the books that I have this year – I’m not exaggerating.

Another aspect of the kindle is that the product itself is lightweight so taking it on the bus, the train, in the car, reading at lunch or breakfast or tea is so much easier than with a physical book. There are no pages to hold down when you’re eating, and they don’t get bashed around in your bag when you’re traveling. The kindle is truly the best thing to happen to books since the printing press.

Find Your Moments

The final thing on this list is not an app or a product but time itself. I read every day because I have an hour spare in the evenings (or at least most). Figure out when you are free, when you have 20 minutes or an hour to spare, and set it as your time to read.

It doesn’t matter how much you read or how fast you finish a book, it just matters that you read at all.

Books matter. They are a beautiful, pure art form that brings the world to life from black and white. The stories they tell enhance your life more than you might think possible. So make the time.

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  1. Yes. I use audiobooks to get a few extra in. Probably between one fifth to one quarter are audiobooks. My preference is holding a book in my hand but of course you can’t always do that.

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