Why You Need to Vote: 2019 Election

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The news is rarely positive. I can understand many people taking time away from new sites, focusing on themselves and enjoying their lives. I do this myself, all the time! I check the news once or twice a week, but I make sure never to spend too much time on it unless there is something I want to read more about.

I’ll talk about distancing yourself away from the news in a future blog post.

For now, though, I want to talk about why you should vote this December.

I spent three years living in student accomodation. In those three years, politics got complicated, like really complicated. Lines between political parties began to blur while the rest of the country divided into two main camps: Remain and Leave.

Despite all of this, though, I only knew two other student who voted. They voted in the referendum in 2016 and Theresa May’s snap election. (There might have been a local election within that time too).

That’s three of us, out of everyone I knew. No one I knew from uni or work turned up to vote.

I’m not having a go at them. As much as you have the right to vote, you also have the right not to. The issue is that when the vote doesn’t go the way you wanted it to, who are you to complain?

So, my first, maybe a little strange, reason for you to vote is this: You have the right to complain about the outcome if it doesn’t go your way.

Adding to that, and on a more positive note, IF YOU VOTE, YOU HAVE MORE CHANCE OF GETTING THE OUTCOME YOU WANT.

And that is the most important thing. If you are watching your country, our planet, and you are unhappy about the way things are being done, do something about it. You don’t have to be an activist. You don’t need to protest or write letters to your MP (but that’s a good thing to do too).

All you need to do it vote. It’s quick and easy. I’ll leave the link to register to vote below. You have until 11:59pm on 26th November to register. It’ll only take a minute to register, and one moment to put a tick in a box in December.

The outcome of this election, however, will affect the rest of your life.


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