Arrow – ‘Present Tense’ – Season 8, Episode 4: TV Review

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My Rating: 4/5

Arrow keeps going strong. The meeting of the future and present heroes of the show has had us all waiting impatiently for this past week, and the episode did not disappoint.

The episode did a great job of balancing the emotional turmoil of the characters – when certain things were revealed, and even just the fact that their world just got a whole lot weirder – and the mystery of the episode. It was hugely character-focused, however, so the villain of the episode wasn’t in it much.

Oliver, Mia, and William all had emotional scenes throughout the episode. The development of their relationship through the episode was paced well. William’s coming out scene to Oliver made me cry – it was a nice little scene to pop in there and I really appreciated it. And as people in the episode said a few times, Mia is certainly Oliver’s daughter!

The effect of Ramirez’s daughter’s death on Diggle and Ramirez is strong. They struggle in the beginning but there is hope at the end, that they might be able to change what happens. I get the feeling that they believe that if they do the best they can, whatever happens, they tried.

It was a great episode and I look forward to Oliver’s future fight against the Monitor. He’s got backup now, and it comes in the form of family.

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