Batwoman – ‘Mine is a Long Sad Tale’ – Season 1, Episode 5: TV Review

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My Rating: 4/5

This has been a strong start for the arrowverse this week. First Supergirl, and now Batwoman, have released their best episodes of the season.

Alice’s backstory was more interested than I could have hoped for. It’s creepy, disturbing, and makes for a brilliant explanation for how messed up Beth/Alice is.

Unlike the other Arrowverse shows, Batwoman focus’ even more on character. Kate Kane’s conversations with her sister-turned-killer hooked me in. There didn’t need to be any scenes with Batwoman fighting a load of… white rabbits? or whatever she might be fighting. Yes, there was one scene, but it was short and sweet. This may be to do with the low budget they have for the show, but now they’re not showing terrible explosions (that was in the first episode I think – wow it was bad), and are focusing more on dialogue and character, delving into the more horror-based elements that Gotham has to offer, the show is really coming into its own.

I really hope they keep this sort of quality up.

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