Edgedancer by Brandon Sanderson: Book Review

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I was told to read this before reading Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive #3) so I picked up Arcanum Unbounded and jumped to the final ‘short’ story.

Lift is a wonderful character in Edgedancer. I remember her POV standing out in the Interludes of Words of Radiance. Lift is going to be important in the future books of The Stormlight Archive (this information is from Brandon Sanderson’s Postscript in the book) and I look forward to that.

As a whole, Edgedancer is a typical Brandon Sanderson story. There were a few mysteries at the beginning, the main character is struggling with something mentally whilst also having to deal with a life-threatening problem, and it ended with a surprise.

I loved it! Sanderson’s exploration of mental health in his characters is a joy to read – not in the sense that it’s fun to watch people suffer! – in the sense that the character feels real, relatable. We have all felt lost in some way, and so we empathise with Lift in Edgedancer fully.

Being in Lift’s POV was great because of her wonderful way of seeing the world. I can see why Sanderson likes her so much. He is free to be a little weird and that’s great! I will never be able to look at a Pancake the same way ever again!

The Stormlight Archive series is incredible so far and I’m excited to keep on reading.

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