The Flash – ‘There Will Be Blood’ – Season 6, Episode 4: TV Review

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My Rating: 4/5

This was a great episode. A lot happened so I will try to be brief!

Firstly, Cisco’s struggle is the focal point of most of the episode. He is worried for his friend and wants to save him. It’s brilliantly done and also ties into the Bloodwork storyline too which was good.

Ralf’s moping was okay but it would have been better if there had been more of him actually talking to Barry. Because of this, it made his storyline in this episode feel shallow.

On the reverse of this, however, we see that Joe has tried to be strong but is struggling inside a lot. His conversation with Barry at the end is wonderful – a real highlight of the episode.

Bloodwork’s storyline really took off this episode. Suitably for a halloween episode, there are zombies! Bloodwork’s journey to becoming a villain was brilliant! And I need to talk about this. He started out as someone we cared about, someone we empathised with. He eventually started doing things we weren’t sure about but could also empthise with. Now he’s killing people and become purely selfish in his motivations so we disagree with him and see him completely as a villain, whilst still feeling residual empathy for what’s happened.

THAT is how you write a villain! I am very excited to see where this goes next!

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