Arrow – ‘Leap of Faith’ – Season 8, Episode 3: TV Review

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My Rating: 4/5


Arrow is still going strong! Arrow hasn’t been this good since season 2. It was nice to see Speedy and a few other familiar faces.

The mystery surrounding The Monitor just got kicked up to 11. Is he really the Anti-Monitor? That’s my favourite theory so far – what do you think?

As good as this episode was, the whole thing was building to the final moments. To see a hero die was very sad – it’s a good plot twist though. Now, the future team have something to fight for, something to work through. I think it adds a lot to their story and was a good, yet bold, choice.

The very end, however, was totally unexpected! I’m looking forward to some heartfelt conversations with Oliver and his grown children. There will also be a lot of anger from his children – I believe this is what will make him fight his ‘fate’ later on in the season.

This was a great episode and I hope they keep it up!

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