Supergirl – ‘In Plain Sight’ – Season 5, Episode 4: TV Review

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My Rating: 3/5

The ending of this episode bumped the rating from 2 to 3. All the way through the episode I was bored of Alex worrying, bored of Brainy milling about, and bored of the cloud of threat that hung over everyone. There was very little in the way of growth for J’onn and that’s a shame considering how much could be done with him.

J’onn’s brother and Lena Luthor working together is something I’ll admit I did not see, although I should have! Looking back it was obvious and that’s what’s so great about it – at least the writers of the show haven’t forgotten how to make a twist in a story satisfying.

I look forward to seeing where Lena’s story goes – that’s the best thing about this season so far.

Also, Jimmy is just a wonderful character and I love what he’s doing with the new newspaper.

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