Batwoman – ‘Who Are You?’ – Season 1, Episode 4: TV Review

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My Rating: 3/5

Finally, we had an episode where things moved forwards. Batwoman began the episode as someone not trusted by the public, and she ended the episode saving a group of people and becoming more popular. It’s a big change from previous episodes. I feel like the show is finally moving in the right direction.

Briefly, I liked the snipits of lines from the radio show like, “you have such a pretty face, Batwoman, why don’t you smile more?’ (or something like that). They were funny and relevant – just a little something I enjoyed from the episode.

Kate Kane is becoming an actual person. I’m finally seeing something behind Ruby Rose’s face which resembles a 3D character. It’s a start at least. The relationship ending helped with this and highlighted the difficulties Kate Kane will have managing personal relationships. It was a little over the top but it worked.

Overall, there is still so much more this show could do to improve. Everything I’ve said in the past few weeks is still relevant – I just want a show with a plot and a good villain and a hero I can get behind. I’m not sure Batwoman is that show yet. I’m starting to think it might never be like that either.

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