The Flash – ‘Dead Man Running’ – Season 6, Episode 3: TV Review

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My Rating: 3.5/5


This was a nice, character-driven episode. Killer Frost stood out as she grieved for the future of a new life she feared she would no longer get to have. It was great to see her confront this and her small arc came to a satisfying conclusion.

Ralf is just great! His story with his mum was a great way of getting inside the character’s head, but it also linked a little to Crisis as all the talk of finding happiness comes after Barry tells him what is going to happen. It’s great to watch those scenes, knowing that inside, Ralf is terrified of the future.

Barry tells everyone about Crisis but we have to wait for the end of the episode before he tells the team that he will have to die for the universe to survive. I’m glad they didn’t keep that secret going for any longer as it gives the characters time to think about the problem. What will they do without Barry? And is there a way to save him? We’ll see where their thoughts go on that in future episodes, I’m sure.

Bloodwork is a good villain, and it was great to see him become the villain in a natural, unrushed way. I’m looking forward to him becoming more of a threat in future episodes – I do hope that the Crisis storyline isn’t overshadowing the new villain, though.

Oh, and I almost forgot! We got a new Well! Nash Wells. He’s an adventurer looking for a strange element. There is a lot to unpack about him – is he Pariah? I hope not because it would be good to see this Wells stay with the team for a bit.

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