Arrow – ‘Welcome to Hong Kong’ – Season 8, Episode 2: TV Review

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My Rating: 4/5

Another great episode from Arrow!


Let’s start with the flash-forward scenes: This is very character driven, unlike the Crisis-based scenes. It’s good to have that balance and the writing is great. I’m looking forward to the episode dedicated to just these new characters – it’ll be good to see them stand on their own and see how good a spin-off might be.

The Deathstroke gang don’t feel scary or threatening, but I think it’s more about the relationship between the brothers. Their conversation was enthralling – like I said, good writing. The actors also did a great job.

Now to Hong Kong. It was great to see some more old faces and have them in the action. Laurel Lance’s grief and survivor’s guilt over Earth 2 was brilliantly done. I felt so sorry for her. It was obvious she was going to come in and save the day at the end but it was still a nice little arc.

Oliver’s wish to fulfill the mission is very strong at the beginning but it’s good that by the end he wants more answers. From the final scene, however, we see that not everything is as it seems and the Monitor probably won’t be explaining himself to Oliver any time soon. I’m sure the next episode will be the Monitor trying to force Oliver to do everything he is told, but Oliver will push back against that. I’m looking forward to it!

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