Titans – ‘Bruce Wayne’ – Season 2, Episode 7: TV Review

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My Rating: 3/5

It’s a shame that the reveal at the end was so obvious throughout the episode, because it is a great spin on the story and Dick’s character. So many questions about why he’s so uptight and quick to anger with the other Titans have been answered.

Jason’s struggle was interesting to watch. I still hold out a little hope that he will become what we all want him to become, but I doubt the show will do it. It’s a shame, as that would add so much to the season.

Dick’s hallucinations or whatever they were of Bruce Wayne (a manifestation of his guilt) were the highlight of the season so far! I love that actor anyway, but watching him dance with strippers and rip into Grayson was just fantastic.

I still feel like the show hasn’t moved forwards much but hopefully with this revelation will come some movement!

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