Supergirl – ‘Stranger Beside Me’ – Season 5, Episode 2: TV Review

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My Rating: 3/5

Not a bad episode, but still has a long way to go before it’s good.

They really are pushing the anti-tech storyline (with the woman on her phone being the cause of a possible crash) which I can’t say I don’t personally agree with, but it’s still quite on the nose.

Supergirl is not known for subtlety when it comes to the opinions the show wants to put across, and this is a little irritating. If they just stuck with the storyline where tech becomes the weapon (which is obviously happening) but didn’t tell you that every moment they could, the show would be more enjoyable and we would still get the message.

They seem to assume that their audience might not understand what they want to get across and it’s patronising.

I have very little else to say about the episode. I’m interested in Lena’s storyline and there is a little mystery surrounding the British guy (flashback to Manchester Black there), but little more to be excited about.

I really do hope it gets better and the show starts trusting that it’s viewers aren’t morons and can read between the lines sometimes.

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