Batwoman – ‘The Rabbit Hole’ – Season 1, Episode 2: TV Review

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Rating: 3/5

This wasn’t terrible but I was hoping for more. The first episode of the season was a great introduction to the main characters, the setting, and the general feel of the show – just what the first episode should be. This second episode though…

Okay, I know that this is a TV show and not a Hollywood film, but the explosion of the van… That was terrible! Doctor Who from the 70’s had better effects than that! If you don’t have the cash to make it look good, don’t do explosions. I don’t understand how Arrow can look pretty good (considering it’s a TV show) but Batwoman looks so amateurish.

Moving on, Kate Kane became boring. Fast. I want to see her have something else to fight for other than Alice. Her relationship with her dad is pretty interesting and I like the relationship with her stepsister (if that’s right?). The revelation at the end felt like when we found out Oliver Queen’s mum had him kidnapped… it’s repetitive and unfortunate but I’m still a little interested in the mystery behind it – I hope it pays off.

Alice is a fun character but I don’t know what she can add to the show. I hope we have a new villain who we can enjoy more, then Alice can become more of a side-plot. The way the show is going right now is dull and repetitive of what has been done before.

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