Titans – ‘Conner’ – Season 2, Episode 6

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Rating: 2/5

As an episode on it’s own, not too bad. In relation to the whole show, wow that was terrible.

The show is trying too hard. Way too hard.

There is so much going on, so many new characters, that the show has lost it’s way. Where is the gradual character development? Where are the continuous conversations and missions that tend to take a show like this forwards?

Conner is a decent character but the rest of the Titans are completely forgotten. The show just doesn’t know what it’s doing!

That thing we were all hoping would happen to Jason? A lie. Thanks. That would have made the show interesting. It would have added an actually interesting aspect to the show, but no. Looks like we are back where we began.

I half hope that Deathstroke will just kill them all… He’s the only good character out of the lot of them, and that’s because the show hasn’t made them annoying to me yet.

Anyway, this review is more of a rant so I will stop there. I’m losing hope for the show. 6 episodes in and nothing is happening at all. What a waste.

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