The Flash – ‘Into the Void’ – Season 6, Episode 1: TV Review

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My Rating: 1/5

That was the most boring episode of TV I’ve watched this year. The only reason there is 1 start rather than 0 is because the show did include a small amount of setup for the rest of the season.

The new villain looks interesting, but seems to have similar motives to Season 5’s villain so it’s not exactly new. If it’s done differently, that won’t really matter.

The Crisis stuff is intriguing and I am looking forward to those episodes, but they do go over and over it a lot which is frustrating. I can understand hinting at it in the first episode of the season but I hope it doesn’t continue in every episode.

I hope the story proves to be good and worth the time watching it, but this is the only CW show so far I’m not getting my hopes up for.

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