Batwoman – ‘Pilot’ – Season 1, Episode 1: TV Review

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My Rating: 4/5

This was a better start that I thought it would be. I was trying to spare my hope before watching this show and wrongly assumed that I might be a little disappointed. Little did I know that the set-up for the main story is actually quite good.

Starting with the simple stuff, the darker look of the show is another indication that CW are looking to Batwoman to replace Arrow’s darker episodes when it finally finishes after season 8. Batwoman is gritty, dangerous, and dark, and Gotham is the perfect setting.

Alice is an intriguing villain. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t entirely surprised by the revelation at the end of the episode. I think the idea is decent and a lot could be done with it but I worry that it will just be cheesy and a little boring – I really hope it won’t be though! Alice has been fun and dangerous so far so I have no issues with her character yet.

Batwoman herself is pretty great. I like the letters to Batman – it’s a cool twist on the standard CW superhero thing of narrating stuff to the audience. It makes more sense too so I like it. The character of Batwoman has a lot of work to do before I really care about them but there is a lot of potential so I look forward to seeing what happens with her.

What did you think of the pilot episode? What are you hoping to see in the future?

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