Supergirl Season 4 Recap

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Supergirl’s season 4 received a mixture of reviews. A lot of this is due to the show’s writers using the platform to explore the political climate. This is not a review so I won’t get into any of that. This is a recap.


Ben Lockwood was the show’s main villain for a while on the show. His fear and hatred of aliens lead him to doing horrible things which put him on Supergirl’s radar. The fight with him, however, turned into a fight against Lex Luthor who was behind the scenes, pulling the strings (of course!).

Lex Luthor also created a replica of Supergirl and pitted them against one another in order to kill Supergirl and then kill the replica (on camera) so America would see him as their new hero. Supergirl thwarted these plans but could not stop Lex telling Lena Luthor that Cara had been lying about her identity. This is where season 5 comes in!


Lena and James’ relationship is in turmoil for much of the season with Lena prioritising her serum over their relationship. When James is shot, however, she uses the serum on him to save his life and their relationship comes out on top. However, by the end of the season, with the betrayal, Lena might not be as keen on James as she once was.

Alex and Cara also struggle with their relationship when J’onn is forced to wipe Alex’s mind to keep Cara’s secret safe from the DEO. Alex eventually remembers everything and that situation is sorted.

Nia‘s role as Dreamer is big in this season. Her interview with Cara about being an alien begins a healing process between humans and aliens. She also learns more about her powers.

Jo’nn struggles through a lot in this season. He doesn’t know who is he should be or what he should do. He tries to help Manchester Black but that relationship eventually turns sour (to put it lightly) and J’onn is forced to make a hard decision.

Season 5 airs on October the 6th.

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