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Guest Post written by Catrin Russell, Author of The Power of Conviction and The Path of Salvation

Hi everyone!

My name is Catrin Russell, and I am a self-published author since June of 2019. I am thirty years old, living in Sweden with my husband, two kids and two dogs. I grew up in a tiny village not far from where I currently live, and I spent plenty of time throughout my childhood writing. But I don’t only do writing. I love anything creative, which is more of a hindrance than a blessing since I rarely find enough time to do it all! I love drawing and painting, sewing, cooking, photography… You name it!

But writing was that one hobby I kept falling back to. I just couldn’t stay away. I used to write in Swedish, but as I started to prefer reading in English, my writing evolved accordingly.

My preferred genre has, however, stayed the same over the years: medieval fantasy with swords and bows, mysterious creatures, and a touch of magic. My books contain plenty of both action and romance. I am a firm believer that love can add that extra spark to an adventurous story!

I love to write a good action story filled with battle scenes and lots of blood and gore, but what I love the most is creating the characters. To form a man or woman from the ground up, layer their personality and traits, formulate a background story to guide them as they move forward – it is a fantastic and exciting process. My characters all end up being my little writer’s children. I love each of them, and I am proud as I watch them grow through my novels.

I get plenty of my inspiration from everything around me: my work as a registered nurse, my background in computer game design, my family and friends, books I read, and films that I watch. The flow of inspiration is endless, and sometimes I worry I will never get all of my ideas down on paper. There are just not enough hours in a day!

My so far published works include two novels: The Power of Conviction and The Path of Salvation, being the first two books of The Prime Series. If you decide to pick these novels up, you can expect a story of impossible love, tension, darkness and light, priests and demons, shapeshifting creatures, and plenty of action all packed into one!

The series centres on the life of Anaya, a young priestess who grew up amongst the most devout followers of the Holy Goddess. She is trained from childhood to become a weapon against Darkness and the demons lurking within the shadows. She is set on following the orders of her High Priest, no matter how gruesome.

Until one day, when all her beliefs are challenged…

A fateful meeting with the elusive demon Samael opens the doors to doubt and Anaya begins to question the very path of the Priesthood and of all those steadfast in the preachings of the Goddess.

Were they wrong about demonkind? Was her purpose in life truly for naught?

Anaya finds herself increasingly torn, attempting to pave her own path away from the blood and gore of her Priesthood. Entwined by fate with the demon she despises, their paths are destined to unite as ancient prophecies are brought to life.  

Does it sound intriguing? Then don’t hesitate to get your hands on a copy of my books!

The Power of Conviction (Amazon)

The Path of Salvation (Amazon)

Perhaps you would like to follow me on social media? I am available in lots of fun places!


And don’t miss out on my upcoming plans! I am currently working on releasing my first two books on paperback, then the third book in the series is undergoing edits before a round of beta reading! Lots of exciting times ahead!

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