Titans – ‘Aqualad’ – Season 2, Episode 4: TV Review

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My Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed this episode. I know that flashback episodes are just fillers and some people hate them, but some flashback episodes add a lot to the story.

We finally know how personal the fight of this season is. Deathstroke is the reason the Titans fell apart the first time, and many of the characters are obviously not over what happened.

Aqualad himself wasn’t particularly fleshed out as a character but that didn’t matter – what mattered was how the main characters reacted to him and felt about him, and that was made very clear.

Motivation is so important in a story. Not knowing the motivation behind the main characters’ actions for so long has been tiring, so it’s a welcome relief to be provided with some backstory.

Obviously, there are still questions to be asked. I would be disappointed if there weren’t! Who was Deathstroke aiming for? What happened next between the Titans and Deathstroke? These are two huge questions that need to be answered this season. I want to know who hired Deathstroke too – I think that organisation or whatever it is/they are will have a large role in upcoming seasons.

This episode was almost completely about character but it was more of an introduction to the beginnings of the characters we now know – there is still a lot of work to do there.

I think this was a perfect place for this flashback episode too as I’m still excited to see what’s happened to Jason in the present day.

For once, I’m looking forward to the next episode. So far, this season is fairing much better than the previous one.

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