My Writing Routine

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It has been a while since I regularly uploaded to this site, so I figured the best way to return properly is to talk about my writing routine.

I just finished doing a BA English and Creative Writing degree and have now started an MA in Creative Writing, so I’ve had to hone my writing routine to be able to meet deadlines.

I am an early morning person. I know a lot of people who work from 5pm to very late at night but that’s not something I can do! I wake up at around 6:30am, have breakfast and make a pot of coffee. I then sit at my desk and write until my coffee is finished. If I want to write more at that time, I do. If not, I have a break for half an hour. Maybe watch some Youtube videos or read a little. Not too long though, or I can’t get back into writing.

One of the ways I keep myself writing is to not focus on the word count. I write short list of checkpoints and work towards the next one on the list. This is especially useful when editing as the prospect of editing can become overwhelming without a set of tasks to work through.

After working from 7am to 12am, I eat some food, go for a walk, get the shopping – I do the chores and admin of the day.

My afternoons are no where near as productive as my mornings, so I don’t worry too much about how much I can get done. I tend to make a large cup of tea and work until it’s finished (at least). If I can’t do any work in this time, I just stare at the page or the wall! Then, if something comes to mind, I can do it. If I procrastinated at that point, I wouldn’t get any work done.

I do as much as I can int the afternoon but I’m definitely finished by 4pm which is when I read and watch a load of TV!

I hope you got something out of my sharing my writing routine! How similar is this to yours? Let me know down in the comments what time of day you are the post productive.

Talking of routines, I will be spending the next week scheduling posts every day from now on, so come back and check out new writing tips, book reviews, and general fantasy nattering! Follow the site or sign up for email updates if you don’t want to miss a post.

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