Titans – ‘Ghosts’ – Season 2, Episode 3: TV Review

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My Rating: 3.5/5

Well, this episode was a little better. We were introduced a little more to the villains of the show. I only just realised that Doctor Light is played by that guy in Scrubs (the later series) and he’s perfect for the role of a cocky, going-to-get-stabbed-by-Deathstroke character!

Some character motivations were revealed which was good – I am finally interested in Rose’s character now I know why she wants to kill Deathstroke. Dick’s response to this is dull (his character is quite boring to be honest), but I don’t think this is the fault of the actor or his character profile. Dick’s character has been twisted to fit the conflict in the group and I think this was a huge mistake. I like conflict between heros, but this is just ridiculous. There are more important things to think about!

Saying that, I feel that the apology from Hank to Dick at the end of the episode was great. It was deserved and was narratively satisfying.

Jason’s fight with Doctor Light was nail biting. I really appreciated not only the great choreography but the characterisation of Jason. He feels like he has so much to prove and you and feel that in his anger. This is of course reckless, and we see the result of this carelessness after the fight. A great way to end the episode by the way!

Talking about Hank again, I really like his characterisation. He’s a bit of a dick sometimes, but his love for Dawn has a huge effect on his actions, as does his struggle with addiction. His addiction storyline is written so well I feel like there was either a lot of research done by the writers or whoever is in charge of his character has had addiction problems of their own.

I am not sure where Kory’s storyline is heading yet so I have little to say about it, other than it’s great to start peeking behind the curtains of the mystery around her. I look forward to learning more about her and the world she came from.

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