Titans – ‘Rose’ – Season 2, Episode 2: TV Review

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There may be SPOILERS in this post.

My Rating: 3/5

I was right; this is an introductory, episode 1. One thing I was not right about, however, was the length of time it would take to get everyone back together.

Titan Tower is a little underwhelming. For anyone who loves the Batcave or Arrow’s underground HQ, this base of operations has a lot to make up for. I’m not sure why, but a flat in a city is a little dull. (That’s a very minor point and obviously has no bearing on my rating of the episode! I just wanted to point it out).

I don’t feel like much progressed with characterisation in this episode. Some of the characters talked to one another, and Batman’s terrible American accent ruined all of that actor’s scenes (even though I think he’s brilliant in his other work), but nothing is developed and nothing new is being brought to the table.

The villain however. My rating for the episode is a 3 rather than a 2 because of how excited I am to see what happens here! Slade Wilson is an incredible villain to have and they should have done this to begin with – human villains are always the best. ALWAYS. Or at least villains with whom we can relate on some level. He is complex and deep, so if this is done well, I look forward to what the show has to offer.

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