Titans – ‘Trigon’ – Season 2, Episode 1: TV Review

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My Rating: 3/5

After being a little disappointed by the ending of a mediocre first season, episode 1 of season 2 gave us the ending season 1 needed.

There may be SPOILERS ahead (but not too many!)

This episode was a completion of what season 1 began. The group of heros met with the villain, killed him, and then started a new journey.

The death of the villain was unsatisfying to say the least. I am glad, however, that he is dead now. I am sick of DC using CGI villains – there is nothing to them! They are dull and make me want to stop watching.

The villain for this episode is not interesting at all. It’s something done before, however I feel that it was more about the development of his daughter’s character than anything else, and for that it mostly did an alright job.

The ending of the episode, however, was satisfying. I liked the way the group split up (obviously to bring them all back together in a convoluted way further down the line – I hope they do this well).

Overall, I’ll keep watching for now. Episode 2, however, will definitely feel more like an episode 1, but I’ll drop that after this review!

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