The Spook’s Stories: Grimalkin’s Tale (The Wardstone Chronicles #4.5) by Joseph Delaney: Book Review

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‘I fear nobody. But my enemies fear me . . . Without ruthlessness and savagery I would not survive even a week of the life I lead. I am the witch assassin of the Malkin clan.’

Meet Grimalkin, the fearsome witch assassin, and find out how she came to take the role she now holds. -Goodreads

My Review

My Rating: 5/5


This short story is fantastic! Grimalkin quickly became one of my favourite characters. I love it when there is a “villain” who has a backstory which makes you empathise with them. She is a complex character who has had a difficult life.

Released as a story to be read after The Spook’s Battle, this short story gives us a glimpse at the witch assassin who we will come to know more deeply in entries to come.

This story is exciting and fast-paced. It’s brutal and heart-breaking at points. Grimalkin is one of Joseph Delaney’s greatest creations. If he makes the most of her character, The Wardstone Chronicles will benefit a huge amount.  

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