Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia #4) by C.S. Lewis: Book Review

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The Pevensie siblings are back to help a prince denied his rightful throne as he gathers an army in a desperate attempt to rid his land of a false king. But in the end, it is a battle of honor between two men alone that will decide the fate of an entire world. -Goodreads

My Review

My Rating: 4/5

This was one of my favourites from this series growing up. Prince Caspian feels epic when the scope of the story is revealed, but its the end of the book that ruins it for me. It’s just an anticlimax and I wanted something more – something exciting and fun. Yes, it showed heroism and bravery and all of that, but there was little excitement.

I love the characters though. They have to be some of the best Narnian characters to ever be introduced. Caspian and the Dwarves, Mice, Centaurs, and the Giant are all fantastic. Oh, and the beavers! Loved them!

It’s been fun rereading this series as I can see so much of what I loved about it growing up but there are things I notice more as an adult; it adds another layer to an already huge world. 

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