Writing is Hard: Some Thoughts on Writing to Appease


Writing is hard. Or can be. Even beginning this blog post is difficult, but for someone else it might have been easy. That would have defeated the point in writing it in the first place, though.

I have always been a constant writer; that is to say that I constantly have something I am writing. I do not always enjoy it however. Taking English and Creative Writing at university certainly helps with this productivity but I find myself writing to appease the marker rather than myself. I don’t want to write a story about two people in a restaurant! I don’t want to write a three scene play script about a group of teenagers messing about in a generic town.

These writing exercises have been helpful, don’t get me wrong. I had never thought of writing anything humorous until I was given the restaurant scene. I found out I wasn’t too bad at being funny when I reduced the lecturer to tears of laughter; that’s the sort of experimentation that can make a writer great rather than mediocre as so many are.

I want to tellĀ my stories, not the stories I am instructed to create. The problem right now is that there is not enough time to do so, and perhaps there never will be. I juggle a part-time job, lectures, assignments, and meeting up with the few friends I have, and that is hard enough. There simply are not enough hours in the day to write what I feel to be important, or what I am interested in.

There are ways to combat this, of course. I can find a way of telling my story through the format and guidelines given to me for assignments; and I have done. It’s exhausting though. A lot of the joy that comes from creating the story is reduced to cutting and sticking the parts that can be used and arranging them in the right way to get the best marks.

There isn’t really a main point I am trying to make here, just vocalising some frustration. Does anyone else feel bogged down like this? And are there ways of enjoying what you write, even when there is a set subject or format?


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  1. I hear you. My entire reason for starting my own blog was so I could become a better writer. Kind of New Years resolution I made for myself a couple years ago. Since horror is the thing I like best, I just felt like I should write about that. But trying to write about anything and doing your best to write 1000 words can be murder on the brain.

  2. Hi Tommy… after a lot of wrangling I’ve found a method that works for me. When I first wake up in the morning I write on my IPad for half an hour. I do find it hard to find time to write though… thanks for the follow.

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