The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time #2) by Robert Jordan: Book Review


The Forsaken are loose, the Horn of Valere has been found and the Dead are rising from their dreamless sleep. The Prophecies are being fulfilled – but Rand al’Thor, the shepherd the Aes Sedai have proclaimed as the Dragon Reborn, desperately seeks to escape his destiny.

Rand cannot run for ever. With every passing day the Dark One grows in strength and strives to shatter his ancient prison, to break the Wheel, to bring an end to Time and sunder the weave of the Pattern.

And the Pattern demands the Dragon. -Goodreads

My Review

My Rating: 5/5


Having been introduced to the world and the characters in The Eye of the World, reading The Great Hunt felt like it went a lot faster than the first. This book is more about character development than anything else, I think. Yes, the story itself was exciting, and we saw even more of the world – both new cultures and new places – but by the end of the book it was incredible to see how far the characters had come.

Rand has grown into someone I don’t hate too much! He’s a good character, but he’s so unsure of himself all the time that it can be difficult to read his POV chapters without rolling my eyes!

Mat goes through a lot in this book but finds his feet eventually – he’s one of my favourites so I’m glad.

Perrin is my favourite character and it was so cool to see him do a little more in this book. I hope to see even more in later entries as he’s got a lot to offer.

Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne and Min had much slower storylines than the other characters, but they were all brilliant to read. What they go through later in the book is harrowing, and I think it will affect their characters for a long time to come. I hope they stop squabbling as much though as it’s getting tired now.

Overall, this was the perfect second entry to the series and I hope the quality is kept up for the next one!


No spoilers for this review – I might come back to it in the future, or possibly start writing some discussion posts on the books and characters of the series.

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      1. I loved The Shadow Rising and The Fires of Heaven. Lord of Chaos takes a good 400 pages to really pick up. Thank God I enjoy the small personal character dialogues.

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