You Could Write a Novel This Summer: Motivation for Writing


It’s true; actually, you could finish a first draft of a novel in two months (with a few days off), so technically you could write a novel before the summer holidays even begin.

This is something I remind myself of every time I think, I’ll do 1000 words tomorrow; take today off. But if I do the 1000 words, thats one more day done. If I do that every day for a month, that’s 30,000 words. It feels impossible when you begin with a word count of zero and you’re staring at a blank page, but it is so close, even then!

Setting goals for each day is what keeps me motivated to keep writing. 1000 words a day is my current target which I feel is quite achievable.

Looking forwards 30 days is a huge motivation for me – it’s exciting to think that I could have written so much in so little time. I try not to look to far though, like redrafting and editing and rewriting and all of that… It’s a lot to take in at this stage so that’s the sort of thing you think about when you get there. If you try to organise absolutely everything at once, you will be lost and all motivation will go out of the window.


Do you have any tips on motivation for your writing? Do you keep a schedule or set targets? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Nice post, Tommy! I like to remind myself that “Only the written word remains.” After we’re gone, we’re gone, so we’d better have written something down!

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