How to Set out a Writing Schedule

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I know that a lot of writers really do not like having their writing organised. Some days they will write from 1000-5000 words and other days maybe 0-30 words. This can work for some writers, and that’s good, but if I try to write like that I often stop writing for a week, or several weeks, before I pick it back up again.

To combat this, I made a schedule.

It’s simple. I make a table on a spreadsheet with the column titles; Day, Story(Name), Word Count Aim(For the Day), Actual Word Count(For the Day), and Total Word Count(So Far). 

  • I will attach a template for the schedule to this post if you need it.

Because I do this, I might not always get to 1000 words (which is always my aim for the day) but some days I might go over 1000 words so that’s ok – so long as I’m writing every day and I can see the progress I am making.

One thing I tell myself a lot it, if I’m writing about 1000 words a day, that’s 30,000 words in a month. That makes writing a first draft of a novel feel like a less daunting task!

I hope this help! Let me know in the comments if there is something that helps you with keeping track of your writing, or any motivation you have/give yourself to keep writing.


Find the Writing Schedule Here!

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