Books I Want to Read: Independently Published Authors

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There are so many independently published authors out there. I have followed/been followed by a few on Twitter over the years and I’ve always looked at their websites, scouring through descriptions and reviews of their books. Today, I had a thought…

Why haven’t I read any of them yet?

I mean, there have been a few I have received in return for a review, but I want to start buying them. I want to support indie writers more.

This thought probably came about because, after releasing my own books independently, I have discovered how difficult it is to have your work appreciated by readers.

I’m sure that there are many more indie writers out there who have crafted wonderful novels, but this is my Indie Authors TBR for 2018 (so far – there are very few!). If you are an indie author, say “Hi!” in the comments below – I would love to take a look at your books online and see if they interest me.


the scarlet reaper cam c wolfe1. The Scarlet Reaper (The Architects of the Gifted #1) by Cam C. Wolfe

“(Book 1 of 4)“What haunts me is not the things we have seen, but to know that they were there all along and we were too blind to notice.”

Carter Becker appears to most as an ordinary teenager trying to get the attention of Scarlett, the girl with the ruby eyes.

The most beautiful girl in the world.

But when a devastating catastrophe destroys his city, Carter realizes that the world hides many dark secrets, and he himself is one of them.
A rogue soul reaper has come to a world that is not its own to carry out a sinister plan, and the only thing it requires is Scarlett’s life.
Carter joins forces with a team of fantastic and mysterious individuals to bring her home, but standing in his way are terrifying creatures beyond his imagination, an ancient and powerful organisation and worst of all, his own fear.

Saving Scarlett’s life and stopping the reaper’s plan for total control will take more than luck; Carter will have to accept what he is and learn how to use it.” (Goodreads)


the whisper war2. The Whisper War (The Architects of the Gifted #2) by Cam C. Wolfe

“(Book 2 of 4)

“All that was once hidden will come to the light… and it will change everything.”

Nearly a year has passed since Carter Becker fought the soul reaper at the monster infested Chaos Theatre. He and Scarlett could not be closer and he has finally learned how to control his power.

Everything is perfect.

That is until a powerful new Royal emerged and began to rally all of the world’s gifted for reasons that no one can quite understand.

Things are not quite as perfect as they seemed; fragments remain and it is up to Carter and his companions to pick up the pieces.

While meeting ghosts from his past and facing a new, terrifying breed of monster, he must make the decision that will change the world as we know it.

Will he bow to this new Royal, or will he join the fight to stop them?” (Goodreads)


(I know that I included two from the same series, but they look really good!!)


Find Cam C. Wolfe at: Goodreads / Amazon / Youtube / Twitter 


the demon in the trees3. Robert Michals: The Demon in the Trees by Ben Sanders

“Robert Michals has spent his entire life preparing to become an Investigator, like his Father before him. The Watersburg Police Department grants his wish, and he becomes the youngest Investigator in recent history.

When he catches his first case, he’s ready to tackle anything that gets thrown his way. What starts out as a simple robbery develops into something unlike anything the small town of Watersburg, Maine has seen before. When the Daughter of the local District Attorney goes missing, Michals is racing against the clock to find her.

As the information before him begins to make less sense the more he learns, Michals uncovers a terrible secret that has been plaguing his home for years, hiding just beneath the surface. He needs to figure out whether he’s stumbling down a false trail, or what would be worse, that there may be some truth to an old legend. The legend of The Wendigo.” (Goodreads)


Find Ben Sanders at: Goodreads / Youtube / Twitter


I said that the list was short! But I would like to extend it so please, if you are an indie author with a book you think I might like, comment below and tell me about it (with a link to goodreads or amazon).


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