The Ambassador’s Mission (Traitor Spy Trilogy #1) by Trudi Canavan: Book Review

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Sonea, once the despised commoner in the Magicians’ Guild, is now a Black Magician of Kyralia. Though she is now part of the establishment, she comes to find that the past is not so easily left behind…

Lorkin, Sonea’s rebellious son, has volunteered to join the formidable Lord Dannyl in his new post as Guild Ambassador to Sachaka – a land ruled by cruel, slave-owning black magicians. There is suspicion that some of the Sachakans still harbor dreams of conquest, so when word comes that Lorkin has gone missing, Sonea is desperate to find him. However, Guild law states that if a Black Magician leaves the city he or she will be exiled forever.

As she fears for her missing son, Sonea dedicates herself to helping her old friend Cery. For some time, there has been fear and paranoia on the streets of Imardin. Leading thieves have been dying under irregular circumstances. The need to discover who has been picking off the leading thieves of the city is now a very personal crusade – one that Sonea must aid, for the killer appears to be using magic.

Either a member of the Guild is leading a double life as a hired killer, or there is – once again – a rogue magician on the streets of Imardin . . .  -Goodreads


It can happen so often that a writer returns with a sequel book or series to a previously complete story and then completely ruin it. Even bringing back a few familiar faces can’t fix it.

This book didn’t need to fix anything. Even if she didn’t, it feels like Canavan knew where this story was going right from the beginning of the first trilogy. There were a few unanswered questions at the end of The High Lord, which I had first believed to be for the reader to theorise about for the rest of their lives – instead we were treated to a few new answers and even more questions!

Canavan does mystery well. We are given small clues, our protagonist moves the story forwards in order to discover the answers only to find out that the questions weren’t quite the right ones, or that there’s an even bigger reveal that we first thought. It makes for an exciting read and one that leaves you unable to put the book down!

Sonea’s son, Lorkin is our main protagonist in this trilogy. He’s so much like Sonea when it comes to his passion and drive, but having grown up in privileged, his outlook on life is subtly different to hers. He is faced with the crimes of his father – a man he never knew – and this makes for an intriguing character-driven story arc, alongside the main plot.

This is a fantastic addition to the world Canavan realised in The Black Magician trilogy.

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