The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson: Book Review


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Rating 5/5

I wrote this The Final Empire book review in a flood of awe. As a series written by Brandon Sanderson it was supposed to be exciting; it was supposed to be entertaining; it was supposed to be impossible to put down; and it was supposed to make me fall in love with fantasy all over again…

It did not disappoint.

We are thrust into a world of ash and tyranny, following a group of thieves on a mission to piss-off, maybe even overthrow, the Dark Lord.

It’s incredible magic system of using different metals to control people and objects is so brilliant that only Brandon Sanderson could have designed it.

The magic battles that occur are equally as incredible as the scenes are tense and action-packed, throwing the reader around with the battling characters.

It took me a while to get into this book, however. The first ‘part’ of the novel is intriguing but slow and I left the book for almost a year before coming back to it and trying again.

I’m glad I persevered this time though because it only gets better and better!

Vin is such a wonderful main character. I really appreciated Sanderson’s willingness to delve deep into her mental health, and how this affects her relationships.

Kelsier is a fun character but I feel like Sanderson was hiding a lot about him from us. The rest of the crew were a joy to read as they all had their own little quirks and I laughed a lot during their scenes.

Overall, this was a brilliant start to the trilogy and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to either get into fantasy or a new fantasy series.

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