Angel of Death by Adrian Ferrer: A Review

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Rating: 2.5/5

This book delves, much like a crime-thriller-mystery by Dan Brown, into the world of theology and Ferrer’s knowledge of the  apocryphal scriptures is thorough and exciting for anyone who loves that kind of thing.

The novel itself, whilst having an interesting premise, was a little underwhelming. The characters were one-dimensional, the plot was confusing, and the general writing was awkward which made it hard to read. When it comes to the writing, I have been told by the author that is has been translated from Portuguese into English so that will explain the difficulty with reading it.

If you have an interest in Dan Brown’s novels of just theology in general then I would highly suggest this book for the substantial amount of information that is in it – Ferrer did a wonderful amount of research that really should not go to waste.

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