Paper Towns by John Green: A Review

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Margo is a mystery and Quentin Jacobson will stop at nothing to figure her out. After many years of living next door to each other, Quentin know that he loves Margo but has never been able to say it; maybe he’s left it too late?
Margo disappears, not for the first time but for the longest, so Quentin, following the clues he believes she left behind for him, endeavours on a quest to find her.
My Review
My Rating: 4/5
Margo is just as fascinating to me as she is to Quentin Jacobson in the novel. Her mind is filled with the anguish that people are not who they seem to be, they are paper, empty and shallow. I love this characterisation and I can see how many readers may be able to relate to her character.
Paper Towns is a novel that I wish I could forget so that I could come back and read it again, marvelling at it’s magnificence all over again. I’m going to re-read it anyway…
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