Room by Emma Donoghue: A Review

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A five-year-old boy (Jack) and his mother are trapped; one room with the bare essentials. After he turns five, his mother tells him that there is a world outside Room, like the world he sees on TV but he struggles to cope with this new knowledge after believing that they had been their own planet for his entire life beforehand.
Written from the perspective of the boy, we watch as they attempt a daring escape from their captor. What lies outside is just as scary to Jack as what was keeping them inside Room.
My Review
Rating: 5/5
On a personal note, no book has ever made feel so strongly for the characters depicted in the story. I felt so close to Jack and I wanted him to survive and live on the outside. I couldn’t put the book down so I finished it in under four hours and once I had turned over the final page I just closed the cover and stared into the nothingness that surrounded me until I managed to break myself out of the trance. Even two days after reading it, I still think about it regularly, thinking about the characters and how they managed to live after such a traumatic event. This book is one I will never forget, and I am pushing it onto as many people I can so they will never forget either.
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