The Road by Cormac McCarthy: A Review

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The novel follows a young boy and his father travelling across the ash-coated land of America in an attempt to find salvation and new hope for a better future.
Along their journey they encounter cannibals, blind old men and human’s being kept as food in a basement. These gruesome scenes are so shocking they will have you questioning the very reality of our human existence but not before they drag you further and further into the pages to visually feel like you are amongst the hopeless.
My Review
Rating: 5/5
Cormac McCarthy conjures the utmost dread through ‘The Road’ as a post-apocalyptic nightmare to anyone reading it.
The Road is a book you will never put down, even after you have finished reading it, because of the harsh and unforgettable environment we are exposed to through McCarthy’s lack of punctuation, chapters and endless “gray” landscapes of ash.

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