Voice of the Gods (Age of the Five #3) by Trudi Canavan: Book Review

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Unable to avoid being drawn into the terrible conflict, Auraya, now protector of the Siyee, fears she will be unable to meet the conditions of the all-powerful gods she once served. And an offer from a mysterious woman may be impossible for Auraya to refuse, but, if revealed, would brand her an enemy of the gods. Now, the immortal Wilds will not be deterred in their quest for powerful, long-buried secrets. But they have deadly adversaries who also seek the world-shattering truth . . . and it may appear in a form that no one anticipates. -Goodreads

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My Rating: 5/5


It’s difficult to review the final book in a trilogy without giving away any spoilers, so I will do my best to summarize!

Canavan ties up the loose ends in this one. All the secrets and mysteries that have been hinted at and explored in the previous two entries finally come together. Some are satisfying, others aren’t quite what I was expecting.

The secrets behind the Wilds and the Gods are my favourite part of this book – the whole series – and the ending of ‘Voice of the Gods’ was almost perfect. I would have liked to see more, to be honest. Not a new book or anything, but more than the epilogue we were left with.

If you have enjoyed ‘Priestess of the White’ and ‘Last of the Wilds’ then you will love this book because it brings everything together. The characters have all finally grown and evolved into driven, independent people, rather than going along with what’s been happening around them (not naming names for the specifics of that point).

It’s an exciting finale and I’m sad that we will see no more of this world, but this story satisfyingly ends at a point that doesn’t leave too much more to be answered.

Overall, this is one of my favourite fantasy trilogies, and one I think should be more mainstream. More people need to read and enjoy these books!

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