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At The Fantasy Review I write fantasy book reviews about the books I have read and some that I want to read. In addition to fantasy book reviews, I also write lists of the best (and worst) I have read and more. There is always something new to explore.

I read, review and discuss books from a range of genres, not just fantasy. Some of these include:

With a passion for all things writing, I also offer some Writing Advice from my own experience and some tips I learned from my English Literature & Creative Writing BA and MA!

So stick around and have a look at some of the authors I have reviewed and maybe even suggest some to me via the comments or contact form!

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Ranking the Cosmere

Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn fantasy book reviews

My ranking of Brandon Sanderson‘s Cosmere books is by far the most popular post! I love these books and am happy to share my passion.

Writing Templates

Writing advice and fantasy book reviews

As well as fantasy book reviews I also talk about the craft of writing. I have created two templates so far that many aspiring writers have found and used since I uploaded them:

For even more Writing Advice click HERE!

Reading Malazan!

Gardens of the Moon fantasy book reviews

I have been working my way through this epic series (slowly!) by Steven Erikson and I am loving it! Some of my recent posts include:

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